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Intern Job Description: Worship Leader
  Purpose of Position
  1. To facilitate ministry praise and worship to the volunteer members of each trip
  2. To provide leadership in the process of building homes in Juarez Mexico for People Building People. Not only will you be facilitating tasks for completing the building/house during the week, but also using your knowledge to teach new construction skills to members of the volunteer group.

Organization Relationships

  1. Collaborative relationship with all volunteers during their week in Juarez for carrying out the goals and mission of People Building People Ministry.
  2. Remote supervision by the Board of People Building People.


  1. Effectively lead the construction site.
  2. Plan small group worship before the main devotion Monday through Wednesday night.
  3. Teach all participants construction skills as needed.
  4. Make sure that each upcoming work site has enough materials and space to effectively build the home according to blueprints.
  5. Make sure that all water and food supplies are adequate for the new arriving volunteers.
  6. Take digital pictures of each group during the week and prepare a Power Point Presentation by Friday morning at the end of each week.
  7. Work with your host (Armando and Laura) to keep the orphanage clean and operational.
  8. Assist on a need basis with the nightly devotion services.


  1. Maintain a Christian lifestyle.
  2. Must have enthusiasm for People Building People Ministry and a willingness to work with all participants of each trip.
  3. Have knowledge of construction tools and materials.
  4. Commitment to the mission values, and vision of People Building People.
  5. Should have a teachable and humble spirit, open to hearing the needs and suggestions of the board members and trip leaders.
  6. Must be 18 years of age/ 21 years of age to drive in Mexico.
  7. Strongly prefer that applicant has spent either one year at college or one year living and working away from home.
  8. Experience on a People Building People Mission trip is preferable, but not required.
  9. Ability to lead and speak at large gatherings.
  10. Work schedule: A commitment to live and work in Juarez, Mexico for the summer (somewhere between 7-9 weeks). Hours of work will equal approximately 6 days a week and 10-14 hours for Monday through Thursday, and shorter flexible hours from Friday Sunday.
  11. Prefer that applicant be certified in CPR.
  12. Prefer that applicant speak Spanish.