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People Healing People : : Mobile Clinic
  The Mobile Medical Clinic is versatile in many ways. The picture below is a blue print copy of one of the three clinics we plan to obtain. It will be renovated to provide the four rooms shown below.

The mobile clinic will be equipped from front to back with 1) Private exam room, 2) Two open exam rooms, and 3) Reception area.  As illustrated, each room will contain chairs, bed, sink, desk and working electrical outlets.

Each trailer is 8 5 wide and 26 long.  Double doors in the rear will welcome patients into the reception area.  After examination or treatment patients will leave using the side door. 

Many of the areas visited by our medical crews are understandably dirty.  So in an attempt to provide a sanitary environment, the walls will be covered with a protective Kemlite lining. This white lining is food and hospital grade. It is easy to clean, durable and will reflect light within the examination rooms. The floors and ceilings will also be lined for easy cleaning and long-lasting wear.

The private exam room will be equipped with a 5 base cabinet and sink. The trailer will have a water tank to provide clean running water as needed.

In an effort to create a productive and professional setting for the doctors and patients, 4 foot  fluorescent lights with diffusers will be in every room.

A 13,500 BTU roof mounted air conditioner and six 4 electric floor heaters will keep a comfortable service environment during temperature extremes.  This trailer will be equipped with its own electric generator which will power the required medical equipment, lighting and climate controls.

Each trailer will be outfitted with everything necessary to create a safe, clean and welcoming environment for both the medical staff and our patients. We welcome and encourage your prayerful support of our efforts to raise the needed funds to continue with this project.

Each trailer will cost $12,000 to refurbish and prepare for use.  If you feel called to support this project or have any questions please contact us.

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