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People Teaching People :: Outreach
  2005 - What’s New!

We are going to stop our construction projects at 3pm each day and work with kids and adults in the community from 3-5pm. We want to do different things each day and just have some fun loving the people in the community. Some of the things we will be doing are:

  • Sharing our faith through relationship we establish between our teams and the community. Distributing Spanish bibles to families.
  • Making things with kids that they can take home. Toys or games out of scrap wood. We will be making some corn hole games. We will need some corn for the bean bags. We already have the plan on how to build the games. We will do some Christian crafts with kids also. Send any wood working project plans to me for simple things that can be made from our scrap lumber.
  • Making a garden to grow vegetables. I know some of you have green thumbs. We may also get some potatoes from El Paso like Woody “The Head Potato Smuggler” did last year and distribute them to families.
  • What about making a playground for the kids? Basketball hoops and swing sets?
  • Some of you skills craftsmen and crafts women use your skills to teach adults as well as children how to do life skills. Making chairs or stools or shelves.
  • Teaching first aid and health issues to people.
  • Teaching computers to people. We may set up some computers in the Community Center and teach people how to use them. Put some games on them to give them fun things to do while teaching computer skills.
  • Playing games with the children (soccer, corn hole, bingo, and others).
  • Having a time of singing possibly.
  • Maybe we could make some scented candles in jars. We would need some wax that we could melt and put some scents into it. Maybe you have some wax mold that would be fun to make with children and adults.
  • Teaching sewing classes and how to make things that would be useful to the family with the ladies from the community. We will need sewing machines donated and material from fabric stores. Check with your local fabric stores if they will donate any materials. We will be glad to send you a letter for your fabric store in your area so they can write off their donation since we are a 501C3 non-profit organization. Currently sewing classes are being held at the community center we built last year three times per week. Have Norma teach other Mexican ladies some of her sewing craft ideas that she makes.
  • We need your help to think of cottage industries that we could start to allow people in the community to make a living from providing a service or producing things that others would buy. One idea is to set up a workshop where people can make hand crafted things for their families and for sale. Bakery in our compound for making breads.

If you have any other ideas please feel free to share them with us by e-mailing them to John.Gadsby@peoplebuildingpeople.org. This will be a wonderful opportunity for each of us to use our imaginations and create opportunities for people to build each other up. Let your imaginations run wild on this!!!